5 top kitchen trends for 2023

Kitchen trends 2023

posted Dec 13 2022

The new year is in sight and it’s bringing with it some new and exciting kitchen trends to get on board with.

Design trends are always a response to what is happening in the wider world. Economic crisis? Bright colours should make us happier. Living through a lockdown? Then bring nature indoors. By paying attention to what is happening in society, trends can be predicted.

Here at Fink Kitchens, our trusty team has put their heads together to decipher what will be the top kitchen trends for 2023 and beyond. Here’s what we’re predicting to be big next year:


1. Colour is king

Colours for Kitchen Cabinets

You heard it here first: joyful colours are back on the table and to say we’re pleased would be an understatement.

“Over the past few months we’re seeing people move away from more muted tones and reach for blues and greens,” founder of Fink Kitchens, Sam Fink says. “In line with other interior trends, richer hues seem to be proving most popular with these joyful shades evoking feelings of warmth, optimism and positivity.”

And thankfully, at Fink Kitchens, there’s more than 2,000 kitchen cabinet colours to choose from with matt, silk gloss, structured and high gloss lacquers finishes available. You can pick from mustard yellows and spring greens to ruby reds or a blue grey. “There’s something for everyone,” Sam adds.


2. Two-toned kitchen cabinets

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: kitchen islands really are a thing of beauty. But in 2023, these countertop units can add an extra dose of style and sophistication, and that’s all thanks to the two-toned kitchen cabinet trend.

To tick off this trend, you could choose a light blue colour for your wall cabinets and a striking midnight blue on your kitchen island cabinets. Or you could use different materials and textures, by picking a block colour for your cabinets and a wood finish for your island.

Kitchen islands were born to stand out. And with this trend, they can be the star of the show.


3. Powered by nature

Biophilia for Kitchen Fitters

Biophilia — which means incorporating nature into our indoor environment — has been one of the biggest interior design trends for the past few years.

So it comes as no surprise that in 2023 we’ll continue to welcome natural tones and structures into the heart of the home.

“Within this trend, we’re seeing customers use nature as a source of inspiration,” Sam explains.


“For example, when it comes to choosing their materials, structures and colours, options like greige oak and sage green are expected to prove popular as they come with a calming, yet naturalistic feel.”

4. Smart tech is getting even smarter

The modern home is smarter than ever before. And our kitchens are no exception.

“In today’s fast-paced world, your kitchen can function as beautifully as it looks,” Sam says. “And innovative features, like smart extractor fans, LED lighting and appliances that pair up with Alexa are changing the way we cook, eat and live.

“For example, we partner with Pando who creates clever extractor fans such as the AirLink that turns on when you start your hob. It can also automatically light up when the hob is switched on, too.”

If you’re on your way to creating an automated home, do get in touch with the team. We’d love to talk through all the smart options available.


5. Going with the groove

Traditional & Classic Design for KitchenIf you love nothing more than sleek symmetry, perfect edges and fluted glass, you’ll love this grooved trend which comes with a whole load of texture.

“Traditional textures, classic colours and quality is at the heart of this movement,” Sam says. “This trend is all about our need to get life back on track, with sleek straight forward lines in wood and fluted glass.”

Here at Fink Kitchens, for 2023, we’ve got new woods to add to our Keller collection including Ribbonwood, which is a veneer that comes with milled grooves in every centimetre and it’s available in three different colours including: warm walnut, pure oak and raven black oak.

Plan on creating your dream kitchen in 2023? Or just giving it an upgrade? Check out our latest projects or get in touch to find out more.

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