6 tips to help you organise your kitchen cupboard space

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posted Nov 25 2022

Here at Fink Kitchens, we believe there’s no such thing as too much cupboard space.

Whether it’s pots and pans that need storing away, a place to stash your dried goods or somewhere to hide your recycling bin, we know just how important storage can be. Not only for keeping your kitchen tidy, but for making it functional, too.

Thankfully, no matter whether you’re in the process of renovating or retrofitting your kitchen, there’s a range of ways to elevate your kitchen cupboards. From clever corner units complete with rotating shelf systems, to luxurious made-to-measure wooden cutlery trays.

With a few smart interior cupboard fittings, it’s easy to take your kitchen cupboards up a notch.


How to elevate your kitchen cupboards


1. Invest in a Blum space tower

Tired of searching for items in your cupboards? Convenient and ergonomic, a Blum space tower could be just the thing to upgrade your cupboard space.

Say goodbye to messy and unorganised shelves. The pull-out larder drawers make it easy to spot what’s inside and they are available in all different heights, widths and depths. You can choose from steel drawer designs, frosted glass inserts or white, black and original wood options. Meaning? You can tailor your space tower to your individual needs, interior design preferences while being easy on the eye too.

Plus, these drawers come with a high load bearing capacity with each pull out being able to hold a total weight of up to 70kg. So, whether it’s heavy bottles, canned goods or bags of rice, a space tower can stand up to heavy household items.


2. Opt for clever corner units  

Corner Units for Kitchen

Corners need not go to waste in any kitchen space. Especially when you’ve armed your kitchen with a clever corner base unit, complete with rotating shelves.

At Fink Kitchens you can choose from two different smartly engineered kitchen corner storage solutions, including:

  • A semi-circular rotating shelf system, which is available as a ½ semi circular swing out shelf system or a ¾ style.
  • The ‘Le Mans’ swing out shelf system, which swings out smoothly so you can get a clear view of every stored item.

Each design allows you to easily access kitchenware and make use of otherwise dead space under your corner kitchen counter. Meaning your cupboard can be beautiful from the inside, out.


3. Consider adding a knife block

Proper storage of your knives is essential. Not just for safety purposes, but for purposes of prolonging the lifespan of your blades.

Which is why it’s so important to consider the storage and not just shove them in a drawer. The best way to store knives? If you ask us, we think a stained oak wooden drawer block works wonders.

Fink Kitchens has got a range of perfectly sized knife blocks that fit in drawer systems, so that your sharp objects are out of the way, but easily in reach — leaving your worktops free of clutter.


4. Make the most of cutlery inserts

Cutlery Inserts- Kitchen Cupboard

But don’t just stop at knife blocks.

Perhaps it’s also time to upgrade your cutlery drawer game with our range of made-to-measure inserts. Along with looking aesthetically pleasing and keeping things super organised, storing utensils in a cutlery drawer will make finding your knife, fork or spoon easy.

You can choose from plastic cutlery trays that come in a wide range of depths and width dimensions or sustainable bamboo cutlery trays which do good and look good.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. You can also choose your own layout for the trays, meaning there is a dedicated space for everything, no matter the shape and size of your utensils.


5. Give some thought to a built-in cupboard bin

Keep your bin out of sight and out of mind with a built-in option that fits easily inside of your kitchen cupboard.

Built-in cupboard bins allow you to space save and you can create a sleek modern kitchen look with a convenient recycling system thanks the numerous waste compartments in just one unit.

Here at Fink Kitchens, we’ve fitted a range of kitchens and we offer solutions for a built-in waste bin and/or extensive systems for separating waste. From a simple-but-effective integrated waste bucket box to a built-in waste system suitable for drawers that are 500mm to 1200mm wide.

6. Swap to pan drawers

Pan Drawers for Kitchen

Sometimes, an average-sized kitchen drawer won’t cut it. But that’s where pan drawers come in.

Deeper than standard drawers, pan drawers are great for storing and organising bigger items such as pasta pots, woks or even your trusty air fryer.

If you wanted to increase their usability, you could make your pan drawers work even harder by adding some drawer boxes to keep other hard-to-store items, like tall flasks, jars and bowls, in easy reach.

It really is a win win.


Ready to organise your kitchen?

With the New Year just around the corner, now is the time to get organised. Maybe you have invested in some new crockery for the entertainment season and are now wondering where you are going to store it all, or you have popped some kitchenware on your Christmas list.

No matter whether you have a vast space to design your dream kitchen in or you are modifying a current kitchen to your style, our talented team of kitchen fitters and kitchen designers can work around you.

Get in touch with Fink Kitchens to find out more and bring your dream kitchen to life.