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Kitchen trends 2023

5 top kitchen trends for 2023: Calming colours, dual-toned kitchen islands & smart tech

posted Dec 13 2022

The new year is in sight and it’s bringing with it some new and exciting kitchen trends to get on board with. Design trends are always a response to what is happening in the wider world. Economic crisis? Bright colours should make us happier. Living through a lockdown? Then bring nature indoors. By paying attention

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Extractor Fan- Blog

Why does my kitchen need an extractor fan?

posted Oct 27 2022

You might not think an extractor fan is the most exciting appliance of a kitchen. But at Fink Kitchens, we believe these practical pieces of kit are one of the most hardworking appliances at the centre of your kitchen. And it’s for good reason. Whether you’re in the stages of designing your dream kitchen or

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Camilla Parsons