Fink Kitchens | How We Work

At Fink Kitchens, we understand that choosing a new made to measure kitchen is a big deal! So many decisions to be made on style, layout finish, accessories and also on who to work with. After all, they’re likely to be spending multiple weeks in your home!

So, we like to lay out our process as clearly as possible. That way, our customers know what to expect.

kitchen design and fitting

Getting started

If you’re considering a new made to measure kitchen then you’re bound to have lots of questions. At Fink kitchens we provide a free 30 minute no obligation phone or video call to discuss the art of the possible when it comes to kitchen design and fitting.  It’s a great way for you to get a feel for us and how we work and for us to establish whether we can help you.  Whether you’re looking to simply replace existing cupboards, redo the whole space from flooring to tiles and lighting or even extend your property to make room for your dream kitchen. We can help.

Kitchen design and installation

Nice to meet you

With Fink Kitchen design and installation you don’t need to mess around with measuring or dust off your drawing skills.  Our skilled and experienced kitchen designer comes to you.  In the comfort of your home, we establish what’s important to you and how we can bring that to life.

We’re experts at making the most of space and guarantee we’ll come up with some fabulous home kitchen design ideas. We’ll bring samplesso you can see how things will look in situ and our designers are very generous with their time and experience to help bring your home kitchen design plans to fruition.

Since we’re design and not sales led, we promise not to camp in your house until you sign on the dotted line.  We’d much rather work with you to deliver a fitted kitchen design that you’ll love.

Kitchen Builder

The nuts and bolts

We produce detailed elevation, render and floor plans reflecting the fitted kitchen designs we discussed.  We present these to you at a second face to face meeting in your home as this helps to visualise the plans and to work out any alterations.

We use this meeting to talk you through the pricing options too.  And then we give you time to digest, discuss and decide.

Since we’re design led, there is around a £750 charge for this work.  The exact figure will be agreed with you in advance and whatever you pay will be taken of the final invoice for your kitchen.

doorstep delivery - Kitchen Supply


Maybe you want to fit your made to measure kitchen yourself.  Or perhaps you have your own contractor ready to do the job.  That’s fine with us.  We provide two delivery option:

Doorstep delivery (does exactly what it says on the tin!) or white glove delivery.  Where we deliver to your room of choice, remove all the packaging and take it away.  This option comes as standard if we are providing both kitchen design and installation.

Whatever delivery option you choose, once you’ve taken ownership of your Keller kitchenyou’ll be delighted to know that Keller furniture comes with a 5 year guarantee.

made to measure kitchen


Our in-house kitchen fitting team is hugely experienced, professional and reliable.  Whether it’s a simple upgrade to your existing kitchen, a more extensive refurbishment or a complete remodel involving building works, out team has seen it all.  Your Fink Kitchens Project Manager will oversee your kitchen installationfrom conception to completion.  Since the team in inhouse we can guarantee that they will be with you from start to finish of your kitchen installation.  And if we need additional experts then we can manage that process too.  And all our kitchen fitting workmanship comes with a 2 year guarantee.