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posted Feb 07 2023

Now that the hustle and bustle of the festive season is behind us, all that entertaining may have left you dreaming of a bigger — and better — kitchen space.

But instead of knocking down walls, submitting planning applications or starting from scratch, why not try retrofitting your current kitchen to make sure that hosting Christmas 2023 is a stress-free experience?


What is kitchen retrofitting?

Retrofitting is the process of installing new appliances and/or making necessary modifications to your current kitchen to make the space work for you.

“It’s ideal if your kitchen is still in good condition but you’ve outgrown some aspects of it,” Sam Fink, founder of Kent based Fink Kitchens says. “Maybe an expanding family has you craving extra hob space or endless washing up over Christmas has left you with pan hands and a yearning for a dishwasher. Retrofitting is an affordable, hassle-free and greener way of making your kitchen a better match for your current lifestyle.”


Ready to retrofit? Three affordable ways to transform your space


1. Goodbye old school hobs, hello induction hobs

Four-burner hob for Modern Kitchen

A four-burner hob is perfect for most kitchens, but a growing family or a love of entertaining could mean that it’s time to upgrade and supersize. So why not switch from a standard electric/gas hob to a quick-to-heat induction hob?

An induction hob has coils beneath its flat glass surface. It cooks food quicker by heating the pan directly rather than heating the hob. This means that the glass surface stays cool to the touch.

“Along with being easier to clean and safer than a gas or electric counterpart, induction hobs are also much more efficient,” Sam says. “It’s also a much more modern way of cooking. Thanks to their cooking zones, you can fit multiple pots and pans on the hob all at once meaning you can boil, fry and griddle simultaneously. It’s fair to say they’re a popular choice for adventurous chefs.”

We have a range of induction hobs available from the exclusive Spanish kitchen manufacturer Pando like the P13400, which has three zones. Or the PI3300 which can link with the clever Air Link System extractor fan which turns on when you start your hob.

We also can fit induction hobs from brands like Neff, AEG and Bosch. “If you do decide to change your hob to a bigger size, there could be some worktop implications,” Sam adds. However, at Fink Kitchens we can manage your kitchen installation from conception to completion.


2. Say ‘cheers’ with a wine fridge

Modern Kitchen Wine Fridge

Entertaining guests is all well and good until you run out of fridge space.

But that’s where a wine fridge comes in. “These stand-alone pieces of kitchen equipment enable you to offload beer, wine and fizzy drinks from your main fridge, freeing up space for food.”

Depending on the wine fridge you choose, you can even set the temperature differently in each zone. And it’s not just full-width fridges that are available. You can choose from slim-line under-counter options which store 7 bottles to full height larder versions that house more than 100.

Small kitchen? Feast your eyes on this Pando PVZB 15-9  under counter wine cooler which holds 9 bottles. But if space is not an issue, you could always make space for the PVMAV 178-112 which stores 112 bottles.


3. Put the rubber gloves down — invest in a dishwasher

One of the worst jobs in the kitchen? We’d say it’s got to be washing dirty dishes. Especially when you’re hosting and cooking an elaborate meal. But a dishwasher can make light work of the task.

“If space is an issue, then I like to explore whether we can repurpose a cupboard or potentially move the washing machine out of the kitchen,” says Sam. “It’s surprising how often there’s scope in the utility or in a bathroom.”

In addition, dishwashers come in a range of sizes from a standard-sized option, measuring in at 60cm wide, to slimline ones at 45cm wide.

Dishwasher for Modern Kitchen

For example, you could choose from the Pando PLB 7145, which is ideal for kitchens where space is limited. Or you could opt for something a little bit different from Fisher and Paykel, which is available as a double ‘dishdrawer’. This gives you the option to wash a load while another one is drying. The options are endless!

“And, just in case you need further convincing, using a dishwasher is generally more energy-efficient than washing plates by hands,” Sam adds.

That’s according to the latest research, which states that the majority of modern dishwashers use around 9.5-14 litres of water per cycle. While handwashing can use far more.


Get in touch

These are just three retrofitting ideas. Here at Fink Kitchens our trusty kitchen designers use their years of experience to design a space you love. And that works for you lifestyle.

We also believe that considerable thought should be given to the energy rating of any new appliances fitted in your kitchen as it makes sense to improve the energy efficiency whenever any upgrades are made.

Take a look at some of our previous work here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no -obligation phone call to find out more. We can help make sure that your kitchen will be totally fit for purpose well before Christmas 2023.

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