Luxury kitchens — exploring the latest trends in high-end kitchens

Latest trends in high-end kitchens

posted May 24 2023

When you think of luxury kitchens, what comes to mind? Big and beautiful kitchens? Small and sumptuous spaces? Or mid-sized and maximalist creations?

“Luxury kitchens aren’t dependant on the footprint of your kitchen,” Sam Fink, founder of Fink Kitchens says. “It’s all about the detail. From the materials and the cabinetry you choose, right down to the colours and appliances.”

So, if you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to creating your high-end kitchen (or are just dreaming of one), here’s our run down of the top trends for luxury kitchens.


What makes a kitchen look luxurious?  

1. Appliances (and lots of them)

“From fridges and ovens to dishwashers and wine fridges, high-end kitchens are all about having a range of appliances for each individual task,” Sam said.

We’ve spoken before about Fisher & Paykel’s double DishDrawer dishwasher. Coming with two ‘drawers’ you can have one load running, while the other is free for you to stack your dirty plates.

You could also free up space in your fridge by investing in a separate wine fridge for all your beverages. You could choose from slim-line under-counter options which store 9 bottles (like this Pando PVZB 15-9 ), to full height larder versions that house more than 100 (just look at this PVMAV 178-112).

Another luxury kitchen trend is to have multiple ovens in a symmetrical block or line. “One oven could be for baking, another could be for steaming and your third and fourth could be a combo microwave or gas oven,” Sam adds.


2. Quality-led materials

High-end kitchens often come with an air of uniqueness to them. “That’s where natural materials like real wood cabinetry or natural stone worktops are worth their weight in gold,” Sam explains. “These natural materials really denote luxury because each slab or chunk of wood is one-of-a-kind. These natural materials help to up the exclusivity factor in your space.”

But if natural stones for your worktops aren’t right for your space, high end quartz, Silestone and Corian also tick the boxes for quality.


3. Double islands

In times gone by, having a kitchen island was the dream. But now, (if you’ve got the space), the high-end kitchen trend is to have two.

“If you’ve got a big floorspace, you could be tempted to supersize your kitchen island,” Sam says. “But this can be a pain to walk around, and it can be a lot less functional too. By having two separate islands you can have one for work, so you can do all your food prep, and one for play, with a bar and/or fitted seating area.”


4. Layered lighting

Lighting can make all the difference between whipping up a good kitchen or a great kitchen.

In a modern kitchen you might have downlights, under cabinet spotlights or LEDs. You could also have feature lighting, to help highlight different zones, or display lighting to bring to life the different features of your kitchen.

For a classic kitchen, if space allows, you could hang a chandelier over the island or pendants to help bridge the gap between task lighting and ambient lighting. Or you could stick to ceiling lamps.

“Either way, the key is to layer your lighting,” Sam adds.


5. Smart appliances

You don’t have to go big on smart appliances to create a luxurious feel. However, if you want to add a bit of low-key excellence and convenience, that’s where smart tech steps up to the plate.

Wondering where to start? We partner with Pando, who creates clever extractor fans such as the impressive AirLink that turns on when you start your hob. It can also automatically light up when the hob is switched on. Or you could consider an oven that pairs up with Alexa and your smartphone, meaning you could have your dinner cooking while you’re busy ticking off other chores.


6. Be brave with brassware

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: carefully selected brassware can transform the whole look and feel of your kitchen.

“So do give lots of consideration to your taps, sinks and kitchen cabinet handles,” Sam mentions. “These all add colour and interest to your kitchen along with tactile finishes and textures. All of which helps to elevate your space and inject a ultra-luxe feel.”


7. Go deep with your colour choice

White, beige and neutral-coloured kitchens will always have a place in our heart. They look effortlessly elegant, clean and, if done well, can exude understated luxury. But if you’re looking to add a luxurious-looking twist in 2023, one of the top high-end kitchen trends this year is to take your cabinets to the dark side.


“The richer, deeper and darker the colour — the better,” Sam says. “Colours like a midnight blue or a black can add a sophisticated, sleek and sumptuous feel. While if you’re not shy of colour, a ruby red can exude confidence and grandeur.”


From conception to completion

Here at Fink, we don’t just sell you a kitchen. Our in-house kitchen fitting team can build the room also. Whether it’s flooring, tiles or painting, when you buy a kitchen from Fink, your Project Manager will oversee your kitchen installation from conception to completion.

As you might have already guessed, we love talking about kitchens. And love nothing more than producing dream kitchens for our clients. So, to discuss a project or find out more, contact us here.