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posted Oct 27 2022

You might not think an extractor fan is the most exciting appliance of a kitchen. But at Fink Kitchens, we believe these practical pieces of kit are one of the most hardworking appliances at the centre of your kitchen. And it’s for good reason.

Whether you’re in the stages of designing your dream kitchen or contemplating whether you need to upgrade an extractor fan in your rental property, to give you some food for thought we’ve compiled a range of benefits extractor fans can bring.

Extractor fans banish cooking smells and protect cabinets

Whether you’re boiling, frying, searing or sautéing, cooking smells can take hours, if not days, to clear. Yes, you could always try boiling lemons or opening your windows in a bid to rid left-over cooking aromas.

But that’s one of the primary purposes of a kitchen extractor fan. Along with removing unwanted odours, kitchen extractor fans can clear smoke, steam and airborne grease before it seeps into your hair, cabinets and soft furnishings.

“Which is, of course, beneficial in any home no matter how big or small, ”Sam Fink, founder of Fink Kitchens says. “Especially if you have an open plan kitchen which has no walls or doors to help contain the cooking smells to just one room.”

Extractor fans can boost your air quality

Extractor Fans for Kitchen


Wall Hood – Pando P-2000

Did you know: cooking is one of the main sources of indoor air pollutants? Whether it’s ultrafine cooking particles or nitrogen dioxide (thanks to the use of gas stoves), science has shown that this daily household task can dimmish the air quality in your four walls.

But what science has also shown us is that the use of kitchen exhaust fans can boost the quality of your indoor air. And they do so in two ways. This includes:

  1. By removing emissions directly at the stove before they mix into the surrounding air
  2. By increasing overall air exchange in the home to remove pollutants from the indoor environment.

“We’re considerate of the air we breathe whilst outdoors, so why should our indoor air quality be any different?” Sam adds.

Extractor fans can reduce humidity

We all know what happens when humidity levels are high throughout your home. If the climate is right, the pesky fungus mould starts to grow. Which can be a real pain in any space — but especially if you’ve just had your dream kitchen fitted.

However, as we’ve seen, extractor hoods work hard to keep steam to an absolute minimum by removing the moisture-laden air from the room before the water vapour can condense back into liquid and become a problem.

Mechanical ventilations are required to pass building regulations

Ventilations for Kitchens

Ceiling Hood – Pando E-231

Are you a property developer? Plan on renting out your home? Or extending/renovating your kitchen? Then you will need appropriate ventilation in rooms where water vapour or pollutants are likely to be released — like your kitchen — to pass building regulations. And an extractor fan could help you meet these requirements.

Building regs are a set of standards that ensure a property is safe to live in. According to new government guidelines which came into effect in June 2022, under Building Regulation Part F, adequate ventilation is needed in homes in order to ‘protect the health of occupants of the building’.

Sold on an extractor fan?

Nowadays, there’s a wide range of extractor fans designs to choose from. This includes the likes of:

  • Integrated hoods
  • Canopy hoods
  • Chimney hoods

Here at Fink Kitchens, our talented team of kitchen fitters fit all the highest quality extractor fans from the likes of Spanish company Pando.

Sam explains: “Quality is engrained into the extractor hoods we fit. In today’s modern world, manufacturers we partner with create innovative extractor fans such as the AirLink from Pando that turns on when you start your hob. It also automatically lights up when the hob is switch on too.”

To find the perfect extractor fan to pair with your kitchen, get in touch. We love talking about kitchen design and fitting. And we love nothing more than producing dream kitchens for our customers.